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Bug Fixes & Future - Coinz



  • Fixed help guide bug
  • Fixed UI bugs
  • Fixed /hunt bug
  • Removed the Coinz Premium feature. All former premium features are now available for free to all users.

Open Source

  • Open-sourced the entire Coinz project to encourage community contributions. Links to the repositories can be found in the announcement.
  • Users are now allowed to self-host the bot, however, official support won't be provided.

Support Coinz

  • If you want to support Coinz, please consider donating here.

Rewrite Update - Coinz


New Commands

  • /loot - Enter a building and loot all the items and money in the rooms.
  • /tree - Plant a tree and watch it grow. When it becomes big enough you can cut it down for some wood.

Work Overhaul

  • Moved /work to /job work
  • Added required items to apply for a job.
  • Finally added the level requirement for jobs.
  • Allowed members to have a job and work at a business at the same time


  • Renamed /business employee set-wage to /business employee set-payout and changed the amount to a percentage.
  • To pay yourself and other employees use /business pay-dividends, this will withdraw money from your business and pay it to your employees.


  • We removed some games that were not up to our standards. We removed /poker, /slot-machine & /coinflip.
  • Removed items that were not used: christmas_tree, santas_hat & tree.
  • Added 7 new crops in the shop: cauliflower, pumpkin, sunflower, cucumber, radish, soybean, wheat.
  • Added a new fishing rod to get even more fish from the /fish command.
  • Added ability to increase chances of a successful /steal with a bomb.
  • Added ability to lower chances of you getting robbed using /steal with a padlock.
  • Fixed the /connect4 and the blackjack achievement bug.
  • Removed the /server-config command.
  • Renamed /user-config to /config.


  • We removed the airdrops feature because it had a lot of bugs.
  • We intent to bring this feature back in a future update but with a different approach.

Passive Mode & Bug Fixes - Coinz



  • Added user-config option /user-config passive-mode
  • When passive mode is enabled you cannot use: /steal, /business supply steal & /pay
  • Fixed bugs from v2.4.1

Steal & Scratch Update - Coinz



  • Added a new minigame /scratch
  • Added a way to steal money from users using /steal
  • Added a way to rename your business using /business rename
  • A Leveling system! More info about this feature later
  • Added cluster support so shards are less crowded (From ~1000 servers/shard to ~350 servers/shard)


  • Limited plots to 9 /farm plots for free users (decreased from 15 plots)
  • Added cooldowns on /business create & /business supply
  • Fixed the blackjack achievement bug
  • Airdrops should be fixed now
  • Changed airdrop rates from 1-2 hours to 1-12 hours
  • Fixed stocks and crypto not being updated


  • Removed /dig, the replacement of this command is /scratch

Leveling System

With this new leveling system you unlock certain commands at a later level. So you will get new content even when you use the bot for some time. We will extend this feature in the coming updates.

You get experience for completing commands or winning games. You can check your level using /profile.

Quality of Life Update - Coinz



  • Moved /notification settings to /user-config
  • Moved /guide to /help guide
  • Added a 🪙 7500 limit on your bank balance, increasing this limit will be available in the future
  • Added loot tables, view them using /help loot
  • Added more products to produce in /factory
  • Factory products now have requirements in order to produce them in the factory


  • Fixed airdrops not spawning after a long period
  • Renamed /company to /business
  • Added option to buy inventory using /business supply (for factory product requirements)
  • Renamed /plot to /farm
  • Nerfed /coinflip command (lowered payout)
  • Nerfed /higherlower command (lowered payout)
  • Fixed some achievement bugs
  • To view all commands in a category use /help categories
  • To get more information about a command use /help command
  • Fixed /horse-race payout bug
  • And a lot more!


  • /crime command, this command will be replaced with the /steal command in the future

Known Bugs

  • Connect4 sometimes not seeing a winning pattern

Airdrops & Achievements Update - Coinz



  • Grind even harder to claim achievement. Command: /achievement
  • A notification system to enable/disable direct messages or mentions. Command: /notification
  • Airdrops!!! A brand new and unique feature.
  • Statistic tracking for certain items.
  • Added 10 new items in the shop
  • Added 21 new investments (10 stocks and 11 crypto currencies)
  • Added a new game: /connect4


  • Fixed a lot of bugs from v2.2.0
  • Migrated to new more stable servers
  • Removed votes channel, vote notifications are now sent in private messages.
  • Added slash command mentions

More information about Airdrops

This feature will drop random items every 1-12 hours in your server for users to collect. You can set this feature up using /server-config airdrop set-channel.

List of new investment tickers

  • V - Visa
  • HD - Home Depot Inc.
  • MA - Mastercard Incorporated Class A
  • WMT - Walmart Inc.
  • QCOM - Qualcomm Incorporated
  • AMD - Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
  • ORCL - Oracle Corporation
  • PYPL - PayPal Holdings Inc.
  • SBUX - Starbucks Corporation
  • GE - General Electric Company
  • TRX - TRON
  • ATOM - Cosmos
  • XLM - Stellar
  • ALGO - Algorand
  • APE - ApeCoin
  • EGLD - Elrond
  • ANKR - Ankr
  • CHZ - Chilliz
  • MKR - Maker
  • LUNA - Terra Classic