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Join over 740K+ users and compete to be the wealthiest person on Coinz with our entertaining commands. You can buy stocks, start your own business, play fun minigames and much more!

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Buy, hold and sell stocks

Enhance your knowledge of the stock and crypto market by buying, holding and selling stocks and crypto within Coinz. All prices are updated regularly. Coinz currently has 30 stocks and 40 crypto currencies.

Start your own business

Create your own business, buy factories and produce items that you can sell for a big profit. Repeat this step over and over and become richer than Elon Musk! Did I mention that you can employ real users?!

Play more than 15 games

Play all sorts of minigames inside of discord! You will never get bored when playing these minigames. We plan to release a lot more minigames in the future. Some examples are: Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Crash, ...

Grow your own crops

Buy farmland to grow crops on and live a peaceful live. Buy up to 9 plots to grow crops on. With premium you can buy up to 15 plots! Each crop has a different grow time, don't let your crops grow rotten!

Engage your community today with Coinz!

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